Testing Purpose

What is a Risk?


System Testing24-Aug-2017

What is System Testing? System testing is the testing of a complete and fully integra..

Acceptance Testing23-Aug-2017

What is User Acceptance Testing? User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the last phase of th..

Accessibility Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Accessibility Testing? Accessibility testing focuses on the user. In accessibilit..

Beta Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Beta Testing? The purpose of beta testing is to Improve the quality of the produc..

Compatibility Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Compatibility Testing? Compatibility testing is a non-functional testing used to determ..

Graphical user interface (GUI)23-Aug-2017

Graphical user interface (GUI) Graphical user interface (GUI) is where the user interact ..

Integration Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Integration Testing? Integration testing is a form of putting together all of ..

Performance Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Performance Testing? Performance testing is used to validate speed, scalabilit..

Security Testing23-Aug-2017

Security Testing: The purpose of security testing is to ensures that the systems/applicat..

Unit Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Unit Testing? Unit testing is a type of testing that is performed by software dev..

Usability Testing23-Aug-2017

What is Usability Testing? Usability testing is a non-functional type of testing that ..




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