Below is NETWORK ADVISING-U frequently asked questions. For information not list feel free to contact our Customer Care Center for more information.

  • 1. How much would it cost for a website?


  • 2. Does your company create the images or do we supply them?

  • 3. Is full web accessibility included in the project or is it a add-on?


  • 4. After the database is created, does your company manage the system or train us in the upkeep?

  • 5. What type of system support is offered through your company?

  • 6. I have a current site and looking to introduce my product to people in China is internationalization a process I need.?

  • 7. Does Network advising u outsource or assist clients with locating good outsourcing companies?

    A:We do not outsource nor do we find outsourcing companies for clients.  We, however, do discuss outsourcing pros and cons on our, Outsourcing page.  At NETWORK ADVISING-U all of our projects are managed within our business using the skills of the people we hire for the team.




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